• The National Biobank in NHLS based in Braamfontein currently has over 800 000 specimens and has a capacity to store over 4 million samples.
• The scope of practice is for the collection and storage of human biomaterials and the associated data with a vision for supporting research both in the short- term and long- term
• Provide Material Transfer Agreements that comply with ethical and legal requirements
• Wide variety of human biomaterial collections and storage depending on the requirements of the various interested parties and stakeholders.

Biobank Transportation

• Biomaterial logistics and preparation for storage in line with quality management system requirements

Biobank Ultra Freezer -80 degrees Celsius

• Biomaterials are collected from the various sites by Biobank members of personnel in order to ensure appropriate biomaterial conditions through transit temperature monitoring because we pride ourselves in being able to control quality of the samples as much as possible.

Biobank sample preparation.

• Research activities and collaborations with other institutions in line with the mission of the NHLS of undertaking innovative and relevant research.
• Relevant scientific and lay community outreach programmes.

Biobank Community Out Reach in Eastern Cape

Biobank Presentation NHLS Limpopo and Mpumalanga Meeting