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NHLS Biobank has the vision to secure and manage collections and storage of biospecimen for research purpose, both now and future. Research plays an integral role in the quest to find cures for deceases, which in turn will help to improve the quality of life for our citizens.

The NHLS Biobank, as a future knowledge-hub, is planning on growth to meet emerging bio-banking needs of the South African medical researchers.


NHLS Biobank...


About the National Biobank NHLS Biobank is unique in that it encompasses components of multiple Biobank, such as cell culture, genetics, cancer and molecular biology, histology and cytology, infectious diseases, DNA\RNA bank on health subjects. 



National Biobank Services The global community also recognises a response to managing scientific collections and the role of biospecimens within the biodiversity, biotechnology and biomedical themes. The recognition of the Biobank as a key component of the human tissue repository will be contribute to making the NHLS Biobank a successful knowledge-hub.


Latest News

  • Cholera Disproved As Cause Of Illness In Free State Province Patient.

    18 February 2013   The National Institute for Communicable Diseases in Johannesburg has completed laboratory testing on specimens from a Free State Province man admitted to hospital last week with diarrhoea.